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codejam2015-round2-pbC 的三种解法

[Algorithms II] Week 6-3 Intractability

[Algorithms II] Week 6-2 Linear Programming

[Algorithms II] Week 6-1 Reductions

[Algorithms II] Week 5-2 Data Compression

[Algorithms II] Week 5-1 Regular Expressions

Priority Queue/Heap (优先队列/堆)小结

[Algorithms II] Week 4-2 Substring Search

quick sort and more: 快速排序算法总结

[Algorithms II] Week 4-1 Tries

[Algorithms II] Week 3-2 Radix Sorts

[Algorithms II] Week 3-1 Maximum Flow

[Algorithms II] Week 2-2 Shortest Paths

[Algorithms II] Week 2-1 Minimum Spanning Trees

[Algorithms II] Week 1-2 Directed Graphs

[Algorithms II] Week 1-1 Undirected Graphs

最短路径三剑客: Floyd, Dijkstra, Bellman



Mindmap of algorithms & data structures

[Algorithms I] Week 6 Hash Tables

[Algorithms I] Week 5-2 Geometric Applications of BSTs

[Algorithms I] Week 5-1 Balanced Search Trees

[Algorithms I] Week 4-2b Binary Search Trees

[Algorithms I] Week 4-2a Elementry Symbol Tables

[Algorithms I] Week 4-1 Priority Queue

[Algorithms I] Week 3-2 Quicksort

[Algorithms I] Week 3-1 Mergesort

[Algorithms I] Week 2-2 Elementary Sorts

[Algorithms I] Week 2-1 Stacks and Queues

[Algorithms I] Week1-Lab: Percolation

[Algorithms I] Week 1-2 Analysis of Algorithms

[Algorithms I] Week 1-1 Union-Find

运筹的力量: 用线性规划解决Google 2014 HashCode问题

[Sequential Models] week3. Sequence models & Attention mechanism

[Sequential Models] week2. Natural Language Processing & Word Embeddings

[Sequential Models] week1. Recurrent Neural Networks

[Convolutional Neural Networks] week4. Special applications: Face recognition & Neural style transfer

[Convolutional Neural Networks] week3. Object detection

[Convolutional Neural Networks] week2. Deep convolutional models: case studies

[Convolutional Neural Networks] week1. Foundations of Convolutional Neural Networks

[Structuring Machine Learning Projects] week2. ML Strategy (2)

[Structuring Machine Learning Projects] week1. ML Strategy (1)

[Improving Deep Neural Networks] week2. Optimization algorithms

[Improving Deep Neural Networks] week3. Hyperparameter tuning, Batch Normalization and Programming Frameworks

[Improving Deep Neural Networks] week1. Practical aspects of Deep Learning

[Neural Networks and Deep Learning] week4. Deep Neural Network

[Neural Networks and Deep Learning] week3. Shallow Neural Network

[Neural Networks and Deep Learning] week2. Neural Networks Basics

[Neural Networks and Deep Learning] week1. Introduction to deep learning

(DeepLearning MOOC) Lesson 4: Deep Models for Text and Sequences

(DeepLearning MOOC) Lesson 3: Convolutional Neural Networks

(DeepLearning MOOC) Lesson 2: Deep Neural Networks

(DeepLearning MOOC) Lesson 1: From Machine Learning to Deep Learning

A French Input Method

Au revoir, Cherbourg



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