A French Input Method

Well, to be brief...

I made a french input method, if you got annoyed by the freaking french keyboard when typing accented words (i.e. é, û, ü, î,... ), or you are using a QWERTY keyboard, this will be quite useful !

In fact, I used XiaoxiaoInput and Fcitx, which are 2 excellent Chinese input methods, I just made a french word table, and added it to the program...


linux version:

windows version:

how to use

  • download the zip file (see the links below)
  • unzip the file
  • if you are using 32-bit system, cilck the /yong.exe, if you in 64-bit system, click /w64/yong.exe
  • you can see a round french flag icon in the right-bottom corner

  • click the icon, or press ctrl+space, you can see the icon become brighter, which means the input method is active
  • in the meantime, you can also see a small panel appear in the right-bottom corner with a french flag at left:

  • you can type french with the input method now, enjoy !
  • choose the words by pressing the corresponding number button, or press space key to choose the first candidate
  • sometimes there are >9 candidates, to see more candidates, use -/= to flip pages forward and backward
  • if you want to input what you type instead of the candidates in the list, just press Enter button
  • if you want to change to normal keyboard, you can press LeftShift, and you can see that the icon in the panel become a icon of a keyboard:

  • or you can just press ctrl+space, to disable the input method (then the round flag icon become dark again, indicating it's not active)
  • or you can right-click the round flag icon to totaly exit the program:


(adapted from Xiaoxiao Input)



linux .

(adapted from Fcitx)

see here


I haven't made the mac version yet...

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